Founders of the New Haven Colony

The object of the Founders of the New Haven Colony shall be to honor the memory of the Founders of the New Haven Colony;; by the encouragement of historical and genealogical research in relation to the founders of New Haven and the publication of the results; to inspire patriotism, and to enhance fellowship among those of similar interests.

The membership of this society shall be limited to direct lineal descendants, male and female, of the founders of the New Haven Colony. A founder of the New Haven Colony is defined as one of the free planters who assented to the Fundamental Agreement of the New Haven Colony on June 4, 1639 and are listed below:

William Andrews

Richard Beckley

John Benham

Jarvis Boykin

William Browning

John Budd

John Chapmen

John Charles

Ezekiel Cheever

James Clark

John Clarke

John Cogswell

John Cooper

Jasper Crane

John Davenport

Jeremiah Dixion

Samuel Eaton

Theophilus Eaton

Nicholas Elsey

Timothy Ford

Thomas Fugill

Matthew Gilbert

Francis Hall

Matthias Hitchcock

Andrew Hull

Thomas Jeffries

William Ives

Thomas Kimberley

Benjamin Ling

Richard Malbon

Andrew Messenger

John Moss(Morse)

Matthew Moulthrop

Francis Newman

Robert Newman

Richard Osborne

Edward Patteson

John Peacock

Richard Perry

John Ponderson

William Potter

William Preston

John Reader(Reeder)

Robert Seeley

George Smith

William Thorpe

Nathaniel Turner

William Tuttle

George Ward

Lawrence Ward

Samuel Whitehead

Edward Wigglesworth

Mr. Wilkes

Thomas Yale

Honorary membership is by election and is limited to persons who publish a significant work on the history or genealogy of the New Haven Colony who are ineligible to become members of the Founders of the New Haven Colony through right of descent. Honorary members shall have the same rights, duties, and responsibilities as any other member, including the right to vote and hold office.

Persons interested in joining the Founders of the New Haven Colony who are unknown to the membership should send a letter of interest to the Secretary/Treasuer stating that they are interested in membership. After reciving the letter of interest an invitation of membership may be issued. The invitation is good for one year.

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