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Dear Fellow Tyner Researchers The information listed below was provided to me by a friend.[They would have to be a friend to do all this work.] When you find a mistake, please post it to the list and not to me and refer to this listing so we all know what is our reference point.

What I would like to see come of this is the sharing of information. For example, if you already have a Dawes Census card on a Tyner that you would put that card out on the Tyner List for all to see. Basically, what I like is the sharing of data [like our friend Jeanne Spain did] so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel with research that someone already has. Also I would think that this list might be expanded to include with another name (ie the female line) since these sometimes yield more data.

Hope to see some results on the Tyner list. Dennis Ward


Here are all the rolls, both Eastern and Western, and all the Tiner/Tyner's listed on each one....the last Roll the Dawes/Guion Miller roll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Book: CHEROKEE ROOTS Volume 1 : Eastern Cherokee Rolls Author: Bob Blankenship Official United States Government Census of the Cherokee Indian from 1817 through 1924 residing East of the Mississippi River.

Reservation Rolls 1817 A listing of those desiring a 640 acre tract of land in the east, in lieu of removing to AR. upon the death of the reservee, or abandonment of the property, title was to revert to the State.

TINER, Reubin


Emigration Roll 1817-1835 Those who filed to emigrate to Ar. Country and after treaties in 1828, on to Ok. The Cherokee became known as the "Old Settlers" after the Eastern Cherokee joined them in 1839.

TINER, Reubin


Henderson Roll 1835 A census of over 16,000 Cherokee risiding in Al., Ga., Tn., and Nc., to be removed to Ok., under the terms of the treaty of New Echota in 1835.



Mullay Roll 1848 A census of 1,517 Cherokee remaining in NC. after the removal of 1838. John C. Mullay took the census pursuant to an act of congress in 1848.

*None listed* *********************************************************************

Siler Roll 1851 A listing of those Eastern cherokee entitled to a per capita payment pursuant to an act of congress in 1850.

TINER, David Siler # 1625 TINER, Martha 1624


Chapman Roll 1852 Prepared by Albert Chapman as a listing of those Cherokee actually receiving payment based on the Siler census.

** All of the above listed (on the Siler Roll) are listed on this Roll, the only exception is there is a different Roll #.***

TINER, David # 1716 TINER, Martha # 1715


Swetland Roll 1869 Prepared by S.H. Swetland as a listing of those Eastern cherokee, and their decendents, who were listed as remaining in North Carolina by Mullay in 1848. Made pursuant to an act of Congress (1868) for a removal payment authorization.

** None listed**


Hester Roll 1883 Compiled by Joseph G. Hester as a roll of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in 1883. (THis roll is an excellent source of information, including ancestors, Chapman Roll number, age, English name, and Indian name.)

**None listed**


Churchill Roll 1908 By Inspector Frank C. Churchill to certify members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Like the Hester Roll, includes a lot of information including degree of blood. Rejectes also are included.

** None listed** *********************************************************************

GUION MILLER ROLL 1909 Compiled by Mr. Miller of all Eastern Cherokee, not Old Settlers, residing either east or west of the Mississippi. Ordered by the Court of claims as a result of a law suit won by the Eastern Cherokee for violations of certain treaties.

**None listed ** *********************************************************************

BAKER ROLL 1924 This was suppossed to be the final roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The land was to alloted and all were to become regular citizens of the United States. Fortunately, the Eastern Band of Cherokee avoided the termination procedures, unlike their brothers of the Nation to the west. The Baker Roll "Revised" is the current membership roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina.

**None listed** ************************************************************************


OLD SETTLER ROLL 1851 A listing of Cherokee, still living in 1851, who were already residing in Oklahoma when the main body of the Cherokee arrived in the winter of 1839 - as a result of the 1835 Treaty of New Echota. Approximately one third of the Cherokee people at that time were Old Settlers and two thirds were new arrivals.

Name: Family G

TINER, Alexander 69 Cynthia 1 David 69 Eliza 1 Elizabeth 18 Elizabeth G. 29 George 29 Jackson 29 Letitia 29 Lewis 69 Lydia 29 Nancy 29 Nathan 69 Nathan M 69 Polly 1 Reuben 69 Ruth 1 Sarah Jane 69 Seaborn 69 Thomas 1

*note* I personally would assume that each family was listed by family group everyone with the same # was in the same family?


DRENNEN ROLL 1852 The first census of the new arrivals of 1839. The New Echota Treaty group - "Trail of Tears".

Family name : Page #:



DAWES ROLL / GUION MILLER ROLLS 1898- 1914 The final roll for allotting the land and terminating the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Senator Henry L. Dawes was the commission's Chairman, and consequently, the name Dawes is associated with the final roll. The roll turned out to not be as final as it was expected to be. Upon the reorganization of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma in the 1970's, the Dawes Roll became the only means of certifying membership.

Last Name: First Name: Dawes #: Miller R

TINER, Eva M. William C William J.

*** As you can see some of them have a Dawes # some of them have a Guion Miller #.....some have both.